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Elementary Numeracy Websites

Design a Party

Learners design the layout for a party, creating spaces based on given area and perimeter. Each level has multiple correct answers. Great for your interactive whiteboard!

Exploring Krypto
Combine five numbers using the standard arithmetic operations to create a target number. Develops number sense, computational skill, and an understanding of the order of operations. This game can be adapted to be used in small group with pencil or paper or used with your computer and projector.
(directions) (direct link to game)

Fractions Simulations
Create your own fractions using fun interactive objects. Match shapes and numbers to earn stars in the fractions games. Many levels to differentiate instruction.

Grand Prix – from Arcademic Skill Builders
Multi-player games to improve fact fluency. Teach students to self-monitor accuracy and rate.

– Improve fact fluency with timed practice.
Goal is 20 problems in one minute.
Easily differentiate based on readiness.

Order of Operations

Practice order of operations by selecting the operation that comes next.

Place Value Game
Create the largest number with the given digits. Settings can be adapted to meet the needs of all learners.

Power Lines

Arrange addends to add up to the same sum.
Phase 1
Phase 2 (Password is 321123.)
Phase 3 (Password is 123321.)

ThinkingBlocks – Build models to represent story problems. OUTSTANDING site!

– Build models to represent story problems. _tool.html

ThinkingBlocks Tutorials
– These tutorials will help students understand the word problems.