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Literacy Websites
Into the Book
Includes these strategies: activating prior knowledge, evaluating, inferring, making connections, summarizing, synthesizing, questioning, and visualizing. (Enter the site by typing your first name and selecting Get Your Key.)

Venn Diagrams from
If you have not been to the site recently, updated their resources. The Venn diagrams can now be saved as a PDF.

Compare and Contrast from
This link allows students to compare and contrast different texts. This very much aligns with our AKS and Common Core. It can be saved as a PDF. This resource provides great structure for students.

Cube Creator from
Great tool for summarizing information! Documents can be saved as a PDF. Good activity for small groups at the Mimio or pairs of students at the classroom computer.

Fun way to summarize the people who are studied in social studies.

Crossword Creator
Students summarize learning by creating a crossword.

Wizards and Pigs
Distinguish between alliteration, rhyme, rhythm. Also has social studies connection with map skills.

Monkey Business
Students construct sentences.

Sentence Clubhouse
Students identify types of sentences.

Wall of Words
Students construct sentences with five to seven words.